Thursday, August 7, 2008

For You. For Me!!!

Serenity Prayer


When I saw this image in my phone,
I was said to myself, "I feel just like this BLURRY..."
I know we are all tested but why now? What do I need to prepare for?

Then, I decided to listen to my Ipod and the song that played next was
Mariah Carey's Butterfly. This really helped me out.

Beautiful lyrics and very inspiring.

Now it's time for me to Let Go and Let God!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To be grateful...

I received an letter from the daughter of one of my talk show listeners. This letter moved me so much that it brought me tears LIVE on air while doing my show. I am still overwhelmed. I am very grateful for what I do and the people I touch with my life.

Here is the letter:

Hello Mr. Madison

I’ve only talk to you once but my mother is a big fan of yours. She listens to your show all the time. Her name is Denise and I’m her daughter Michelle.

On Sunday 8/3/2008 my mother called your show about owning a home and my Aunt Valerie told me it was by accident that she got on air. But for some reason you pick up the line. She said that my mother didn’t won’t to buy a house until I went to college. That’s why I’m writing you this letter.

I love my momma. She is great and I didn’t know that she was doing that for me. Mr. Madison we live in a not so good neighborhood, if you know what I mean. I never understood why until today.

Now don’t get me wrong if you were to walk in are house, you couldn’t tell that this was a house in the hood. I guess I could say I see why she hasn’t upgrade yet. She was doing it for us. My brother is in a private school and we never ever want for anything because my mother has a very good job. And she has always been there for me from elementary to high school.

She always taught me that no one will give you anything for free and you have to work for it yourself. Mr. Madison my mother has had it rough growing up. She was molested at 13, my grandma was mental abusive and she is the oldest out of six kids and she took care of ever last one of them and she is still taking care of them on top of all that my father used to beat her. But through all of that she still came out on top.

I love that woman and I just wanted her to know that so I’m writing you this letter so you could read this letter to her. Since she loves your show.

Mama we love you and thank you for all your sacrifices. And you are our HERO.

Mr. Madison I also want to thank you and your friend, Monica Anderson, for letting my mother know that she can buy her a house and still send me to college. You are a beautiful person and I can see why my momma adores you.

Your New Fans

Michelle and Herb Jr.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Don't pay attention to the story.
Listen to the woman telling story.
Just damn!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Look

What do you think? :^)

What happens in the club, stays in the club. Part II

Just know when Clay and Jay enter the club, well see below...

As you can see, Clay has on white socks again!!!

Why do I keep falling under the table? LOL

Now Clay is camera shy and embarrassed! OMG!

JayMad video debut signing:

Heaven Sent by Keyshia Cole
(listen closely)
I love life!!!