Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DC = Don't Care or Does Care??? Hmmm.

Recently, most of you know I was in D.C. this week weekend. Whew! What a trip. I am going to write about my personal experience about my trip. Keep in mind, this is my personal experience. You've noticed the word personal is italicized and in bold twice. Wink. I will not disclose any names in this verbiage to minimize embarrassment. See, I'm a cool guy.

Okay, I arrived in D.C. on Friday via Dulles Airport to a private sedan with a celebrity client/friend. Nice - who doesn't like a private car with a chauffeur. He drove us on a slight tour of D.C. He took us by the Iwo Jima Memorial. Wow!

It was breath-taking and moving. I've been to D.C. tons of times but I've never seen it in person. It was beautiful and gigantic. It moved me because of all the men and women who are fighting for our freedom.

Next, we drove by the the Arlington National Cemetery. It was overwhelming to see all of the tombstones especially the Tombs of the Unknown. I wish the men and women there had closure with their love ones. God bless them.

We continue on our tour to Georgetown and immediately to the right was the stairs that was shown in the movie, "The Exorcist." I never knew that the movie was filmed in DC. Even though it was daylight when he drove us by, I still felt a little weird...seriously!

Once we passed the famous stairs, we headed to the undisclosed hotel. This was my first time at this hotel and have to say it was very nice! The rooms had a fantastic color scheme, great lighting, the carpet had nice texture and the bathroom was to die for. I wanted to rent a U-haul truck and empty that entire room and drive back to LA...lol.

We rest a little before we attend a fashion show later that night. We went from room to room to see how everyone was living. Once we did that, we showered and were ready to go.

We went to the event which was in the hotel and did the red carpet. We were the only ones there. Then we pulled out our VIP passes (remember we were invited...hmmm) and there was no one at the door. No greeter, no security, NOTHING. Then we enter the venue where the fashion show was being hosted and it was so dark if you didn't watch where you were going, you would have bumped into the wall. The fashion show was okay. I am huge supporter of new talent being exposed but some of the garments were of very pour quality and unflattering fabric patterns and cuts. The fashion show was over in about 30 minutes then we exited the venue. Everyone was on the red carpet. That was kind of backwards to me cause this is supposed to happen before the event...hmmm. We returned to our rooms and went to sleep.

I had to get up the next morning before my client to make sure our next event was up to par for him. The event was supposed to be from 3pm - 9pm. There were only 15-20 people there. This included the event staff. Do you hear crickets?

The publicist and I sat there for 4 hours looking at each other and trying to figure out how to sell my clients products. That didn't happen. The driver comes back to pick us up to take us back to the hotel so we could get ready for the next event that night. I can honestly say we were optimistic. My client comes to my room to ask how everything went earlier that day after his massive phone interviews. Didn't have much to say. And, he was asked not to show up for the event that night due to possible overexposure. So his publicist and I get ready to go to the club event that was going on for us that night. We get to the club and I seriously thought I was in the twilight zone! Once in, we practically were TSA searched by security. Is it that in DC? Hmmm.

Once we get into the club, there was some dude having a birthday party with video camera and all. I was like, "Am I being Punk'd?!" The publicist asked me to stay downstairs to see what was going on upstairs. I waited there for 30 minutes before I decided to see for myself.

You go up these huge flight of stairs to the 2nd level and there was another club area. It was Latino Music and people. I was like cool but where is the publicist and where are we supposed to set-up. I asked the security guard where are we supposed to set-up, and he looked at me like I was talking like the parents on the Charlie Brown cartoons...lol.

I go up stairs to the 3rd floor and there was that sound again, crickets. There was only 10 people there and 3 barmaids. Wow! Where is everyone? I must be on the set of the new X-Files movie. I was waiting for someone to come out and say, "SURPRISE!!!" Just know that didn't happen. I was still optimistic because I know how people like to be fashionably late. How about I got my reality check quick.

I called for the driver and he was in the process of taking the first group back to the hotel. Who does that? That's very dangerous. If something happened, we would have been in big trouble especially being in a area and city that was foreign to us.

There's more. Part II coming Thursday.


Neosoul Butterfli said...

lol jay....this is so funny. Sounds just like you. I LOVE IT!

100 KUDOS!!!

Dinky said...

Jay that is crazy. I can't wait to thursday to here end of the story.