Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What's up Fans and Friends,

This is my first official blog for the JayMadShow. This came to me this morning to do a blog. I've tried to do blogging before but I stop. I can honestly say, "This is my time."

This blog will allow me to share with you what is going on with me personally (to some degree) and professionally.
I am working on doing podcast and videos for you to stay inspired. I do believe my calling is to inspire and motivate.

I am grateful that I have the strength and vision to do this. I don't take this for granted. So with that being said, " THANK YOU!"

Now let me start giving you your reality pill.
Open wide!

Quote: "I made a commitment to work and God bless it"
-Paula Deen on the Oprah Show

Jay Mad


Dinky said...
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Page said...

Hi Jaymad!
I'm very glad you decided to do a blog. I think it's important for you to share your experience's with your fans and friends. I love your vision and I'm behind you 200%. You inspire and motivate me everyday to be better a whatever I do and I thank you for that.

Continued success,